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A qualified teacher, Amy runs workshops and classes for all ages as well as teaching in the corporate environment, with sessions focussing on mastering the core components of Improv.  


She believes strongly that we can all do with a little more spontaneity in our lives and that basic improv skills are highly transferable & hugely valuable in our everyday dealings with each other.


Exploring both short form games and scene techniques, her sessions  'IMPRO CLINIC' are designed to encourage people from all walks of life to experience and try their hand at improvisation. 

Who are the classes suitable for?


  • Perhaps you’ve used impro during the audition/rehearsal process and would like to build your confidence in tackling situations unknown.                

  • You may even have some impro experience but would like to play some more in a safe and supportive environment.


  • Perhaps you've little experience of performance but just want to give it a bash.... you're very welcome!  Beginner's Classes are the perfect place to give it a go! 

Amy is also a guest teacher at some of London's Improv schools including Hoopla! and The Nursery. Her sessions often focus on developing intermediate and the more experienced improviser who wish to pursue narrative work to a high level. She is also available (and has experience) for teaching at Improv Festivals in the UK and abroad.

What participants say.....


‘Amy and her team ran an inspiring and joyful session for our company. Its effect was to help us all work together, play together and unlock our creativity and spontaneity. My colleagues still talk about it as one of the most successful sessions of the conference, and the laughter was infectious - it is still ringing in our ears. I hope that we can do it again next year.’


- Stuart MacKenzie, Maynard Leigh


"Amy's teaching style is high energy and incredibly positive. The class had a friendly and fun dynamic and although my skills were challenged I felt continually supported and able to explore and expand my potential as a performer."

- Hazel


"Just wanted to say thanks for your classes in Edinburgh. I've just had an audition that was completely impro based and without your sessions I would have crumbled!"       - Emily


"The session was great fun and I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone."     Sam


"Thank you for a fantastic class - I would love to sign up for the next session!"     

- Danish

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